Some Design Studio and Other Resources

After the meeting on Wednesday, several people expressed more interest in how the time-honored design studio method is being used in UX design. Here are some thoughts and references:

Design Studio

The design studio concept is discussed in Todd Zaki Warfel’s book Prototyping: A Practitioner’s Guide (use code MOJOGUZZI for 25% off this & any other RM book)

Also, take a look at Todd’s right way to wireframe video (and design studio starts at 1:06 and goes through 1:39). In fact, here are all four RWTW videos.

Here are some slides from his Web 2.0 presentation.

Lane Halley has detailed this concept in this presentation.

Another interesting approach is here.

UX Team of 1

Here’s one of the great Leah Buley’s UX team of 1 stuff. And here’s her book site.

About Russ

Many thanks to Russ Unger, co-author of A Project Guide to UX Design, for appearing last night.
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