10.28.22: Panel Discussion – Can Teamwork Really Make the Dream Work?

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Panel Discussion

This month, we’ve invited a panel of teammates from Simple Thread to share their knowledge as they discover, define, design, and develop digital experiences for their clients. Learn all the secrets of how this close-knit team works together from Research to Deployment on a variety of B2B and B2C projects. We’ll dig into things like: managing client expectations, keeping your assets organized, handoff from team to team and agency to client, and more!

Space is limited so don’t forget to grab your ticket!


Stacey Warthen, Principal UX Designer, Simple Thread

Bio: Stacey has been crafting effective and intuitive experiences as a UX designer for 10+ years, working with a variety of clients and business verticals, from startups to enterprise businesses. She is particularly passionate about user research and creating inclusive, collaborative environments in the design and tech world.

Derek Heilmann, Senior UI/UX Designer, Simple Thread

Bio: Derek is a VCU grad with over 10 years of design experience at a variety of agencies and companies. He’s been working at Simple Thread for the last 4 years as the senior UI/UX designer managing design systems, interfaces and the overall user experience on a wide range of both B2B and B2C products.

Austin Carr, Senior Software Engineer, Simple Thread

Bio: 50% Designer, 50% Developer, 100% Hunk. Austin has worked professionally for 9 years making everything from library marketing websites to cyber security web apps. He loves harnessing the web to create delightful experiences that make people’s lives easier.