Save the Date: IxDA09/IAS09 Redux in DC

So you don’t feel bad about missing this year’s Interaction Design Association’s (IxDA) or the Information Architecture Summit, DCIA and DC IxDA are planning an IAS09/IxD09 Redux.

Many of the East Coast people who presented at either or both of these conferences are coming to DC for a half-day event. Saturday afternoon from about 1230/1pm-5pm with socializing and dinner to follow. Each person would have approximately 20-25 minutes to talk, there would be questions, as well as a semi-structured social time halfway through the program, much like the facilitated lunch discussions at the conference.
Tentative date is Saturday, May 2, 2009 12 – 5pm (with socializing, drinks and dinner afterwards). Watch this space for more info!


The RUX Planning Team