Fun Facts from Interaction ’12

In Interaction Design Association’s annual conference recently concluded in Dublin. From co-chair Steve Baty as well as committee member Ben Arent, here are a few fun facts and a few points of note:

  • 749 people sat down to witness the opening Keynote from Luke Williams
  • Approximately 800 people were involved in the conference – full attendees, workshop-only, day passes, exhibitors and volunteers.
  • Interaction|12 saw around 170 more people in attendance than Interaction|11; and 270 more than Interaction|10. It was twice the size of Interaction|09; and around 375 people larger than Interaction|08.
  • More than 33 countries were represented a t Interaction|12, including every continent (except Antarctica)
  • Approximately 650 people travelled to Ireland from overseas – about 4.5 times higher than the international contingent at any previous Interaction conference
  • This was the first Interaction conference with live entertainment during lunch;
  • This was the first Interaction conference held outside North America
  • Despite the worst economic conditions seen in Europe or the US in 80 years, the conference was (marginally) profitable, delivering much-needed funding into IxDA to serve as seed funding for Interaction|13 and Interaction|14.
  • Speakers were drawn from more than a dozen different countries
  • The Interaction Awards were staged for the first time, and awarded during the course of the conference. This was truly a milestone event for the IxDA and the interaction design community. Jenn Bove and Raphael Grignani – and their organizing committee – did a fabulous job, and we have all benefited from their drive and insight.
  • #ixd12 had 3,378 tweets over all time, and around 2,876 during the conference. ;
  • IxDAAwards, Docbaty, DaveIxD and Angel were the top tweeters. ;
  • Interaction12 facebook page has an equal gender divide, but it’s still mostly males between 25 – 34.
  • Our viral reach peaked during the conference. (People love the photos)
  • Brazil was the 4th most reached country on our facebook page.
  • Our ‘Friends of Friends’ viral reach was viewed by over 162,000 people.