World IA Day Recap

Thank you all who came out to join us for World IA at VCU Brandcenter. The topic of the day was “Design for Difference” and we definitely got some difference in perspective and experiences that were shared. It was an amazing day full of thought-provoking speakers and panelists. As usual, we also had some lively discussion and got lot’s of divergent views and opinions on the table.

Kim Rees blew our minds from the outset talking about the influence of Data, Machine Learning and AI on design.

Our panel discussion, moderated by Erin White brought up some great points about the potential implications of not considering a diverse audience when you are designing.

Thanks again to Lisa Dance, Laura Turner Reid, and Scott Nixon for such a great discussion.

After lunch, we resumed with a really insightful look into designing a clinical research trial in Africa by Meghna Murali. Learning how to iterate a study around cultural norms very different than yours.

Then Samantha Willis introduced us to  and how we need to continue to unmask the pervasive prejudices that color our perspectives.

Then Zach Bryant helped us to consider both sides of a perspective when making our design decisions.

Finally, our closing keynote speaker Heather Winkle inspired us with her journey of achieving a deeper level of personal and professional fulfillment by “zooming out” to help take stock of where she was and where she wanted to be.