Resources for Better Agile UX

Agile User Experience Projects
Nielsen  |  November 4, 2009

Agile Development Projects and Usability
Nielsen  |  November 17, 2008

Quick and Dirty Usability Testing: Step Away from the Book
Chisnell  |  October 20, 2008

Agile Methods and User-Centered Design: How These Two Methodologies Are Successfully Integrated In Industry
Fox, Sillito, Maurer  |  Agile Conference 2008, Toronto

Weekly User Testing: TiVo Did It, You Can, Too
Nielsen  |  July 2008

Twelve Emerging Best Practices for Adding UX Work to Agile Development
Patton  |  June 2008

The Impact of Agile on UCD: Mixed Messages From a Before and After Survey
Barnum and Dayton  |  Usability  Professionals’ Association Conference, Baltimore, Maryland  |  June 16-20, 2008

Making Usability Recommendations Useful and Usable
Molich, Jeffries, Dumas  | August 2007

Adapting Usability Investigations for Agile User-centered Design
Sy  |  Journal of Usability Studies, v.2, n.3, May 2007

Clash of the Titans: Agile and UCD
Cecil  |  December 2006

User Experience Activities on Agile Development Projects
Ambler  |  October 2005

Streamlining Usability Testing by Avoiding the Lab
Spool  |  May 25, 2005

UCD in Agile Projects: Dream Team or Odd Couple?
McInerney and Maurer  |  Interactions, v. 12, n.6, 2005

Case Study of Customer Input for a Successful Product
Miller  |  Proceedings of the Agile Development  Conference, IEEE Computer Society, Washington, DC, 2005

Process Agility and Software Usability: Toward Lightweight Usage-Centered Design
Constantine  |  September  2002

Agile Usability Yahoo! Group

Agile2009 Conference – UX Stage

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  1. Joe Sokohl says:

    Great post, Tom.

    There’s also Agile Experience Design