Creating Value with Consistent User Experience and Multichannel Integration

Brand Image Director at ALPS Corporation Jonas LaRance talks about brand, experience, and business value. As he describes his talk:

Wow, what a title! If I could I’d work the word synergy in there too. Come discover the important lesson behind the jargon when I give an inside look how (no, not the shoes) a mid-size clicks-and-bricks retailer in Missoula, Montana (where?), gives its customers what they want and is ranked as the number-one online electronics retailer in Consumer Reports. It’s all in the user experience, the multichannel integration, and of course the reflexes.

Set your calendars for March 31, 6:00-7:30 p.m.

Location update!

We’ll be meeting at Ironworks Consulting, 4121 Cox Road, Ste 205 in Glen Allen. See you there!