[JOB] UX job in Richmond

Not sure exactly what they want (perhaps a unicorn?), but for your interest:


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  1. glstephen says:

    We’re building a team of 15 people from 6. The requirements are relatively loose because we can build the team around quality individuals and firm up specific qualifications for future hires as we build the team. We would like to talk to talented UI/UX web developers in the Richmond area. Length of experience, skill sets, degrees and the rest are not the critical elements of this position.

    To join our team the most critical skill needed is an ability to learn and a great attitude. We are looking for an experienced user interface/user experience developer who has experience building usable, responsive web applications and/or mobile applications. If you are confident you have demonstrable experience in doing that then we’d love to talk to you about your experience building applications and about Guild Launch.